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Drogue is a veteran owned company that provides services to a multitude of government, corporate, and private entities. Our leadership team consists of experienced industry professionals from U.S. Military Special Operations,  U.S. Government Intelligence Agencies, Counter Terrorism Groups, and Local and Federal Law Enforcement.  To maintain confidence that we can successfully mitigate the ever changing threats of the world, our highly skilled personnel are constantly training at our private tactical facility.  We pride ourselves on being able to adapt to any situation in any environment.  



Drogue personnel provides consultation services, training, and operational support on a global level for the current conflicts around the world.  Drogue personnel have been supporting U.S. Military operations for over 10 years. 

Corporate / Private Sector

A large majority of our business is providing threat assessments and security details for our corporate and private sector clients.  We offer a wide variety of specialized services that are tailored to the needs of the client.  There are no two situations that are the same. This specialized approach is what makes us successful for our clients.

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